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Business technology solutions

At Philadelphia IT Service we aim to provide high quality services for all your business needs. With a variety of skilled members and around-the-clock service, we can guarantee better business solutions for all of our customer needs. With our managed IT service options we will handle the burden of software and hardware issues so you don’t have to, and you can continue to run your business as you so please.

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As a managed IT service provider, we can work remotely to monitor and manage your computer servers and networks, design your website, and create(provide) VoIP  services for all your business needs. We have been servicing business organizations for the previous ___ years, from repairing minor hardware malfunctions to establishing large-scale security measures. Providing exceptional IT Services and customer service is an essential part of our business, whether we be replacing parts of your device in-person or monitoring your data behind the scenes. 

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Safeguard your Data

By using a remote monitoring manager, we can take action behind the scenes to prevent incidents with information damage. Let us ensure all your data is in one secure location by setting up a scheduled backup system to protect and preserve your business information so you can continue to use your devices as intended.

Bare-metal Backup & Recovery

At Best IT Guru, we provide data protection by backing up and restoring individual files without having to restore your entire system. You can also easily access and restore information from the comfort of your home with Time Machine.

Website Design

A good web design will interest customers and guide users’ eyes to specific content you wish for them to notice. We will help you create an optimized website to increase visitor engagement and showcase your businesses unique offers.

Social Media Management

A successful business is one that is active and informative on their social media platforms. With our Managed IT Services, we will increase and monitor your social media use to appeal to all types of social media users.


Digital Marketing

We can assist your business in promoting your services by the use of digital marketing analytics, catapulting your business forward and reaching new audiences.

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Hardware Store

Our hardware store features a variety of tools and accessories to help us better assist you. Let our IT professionals resolve your hardware issues and improve the quality of your equipment.

Network Management

Our services will help you manage your personal and professional networking infrastructure. This includes identifying, configuring, monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting technical issues so you don’t have to.

Cloud Services

Our focus on Cloud Services provides users with easy server maintenance, increased storage capabilities, software security, and accessible analytics. With Philadelphia IT Service working behind the scenes on your Cloud needs, you have time to focus on the things you love.

Tech Prevention

Let us help you increase your personal and business security measures. We will maintain an up-to-date operating system and perform routine system back-ups to ensure your information is safe and reliable.

Hardware Repair

With our around-the-clock services, we guarantee to provide excellent repair and replacement options for all your technology needs. We are a one-stop-shop for damaged phones, computers, laptops, and other devices.

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